Sunday, 8 December 2013

Social Collaboration - Businesses and Individuals Doing Good Together!

We're reaching the end of 2013, and we'd like to highlight some folks who have come up with great ideas to support Daughters Of Tomorrow's work in the past months. 

1) Big MNC helps DOT!

An enterprise information company OpenText has a very innovative marketing manager called Eying Wee. Eying came up with the brilliant idea to incentivize survey-responders by pledging $10 for every survey form completed! We received a total of $1,000 that went to help fund our Livelihood Programs.  

It's brilliant how when we put our minds to things, we can achieve win-win for everyone - this innovative incentive idea from Eying not only achieves the purpose of the survey, those who participated also feel good that they've helped contribute to a meaningful cause. And of course, the beneficiaries from DOT gets to acquire skills and tools that will serve them a long way! Thanks Eying, for the wonderful idea :)

Thank you,  :)

2) Big-hearted impact from Bitsy's efforts

Another lady we'd like to thank is Chelsey, the owner and designer of the online dress shop Our Bitsy Prints, who specializes in creating lovely cheongsams suitable for every-day-wear! Chelsey dedicated one of their lovely dress designs to support Daughters Of Tomorrow, giving all proceeds from these 7 dresses to our Livelihood program. We received $500 from this special do-good promo, which will help us with our 2014 January training trip to Kadapa!

Check out for the lovely creations. (Hint: We are now in discussion about having DOT's sewing ladies  hired to produce these beautiful dresses sometime in 2014. Stay tuned!)

3) When Shee Influences Many

Here's how one individual can create a ripple effect to rally friends to a cause:
One of our avid supporters and November baby Pamela Shee organized her birthday party this year and made it a fundraising effort for DOT! We auctioned some very nice photos taken by volunteer photographer Nicky during this year’s trip to India, and raised $2,957! Instead of having presents for herself, Pam urged her friends to come and buy gifts on the spot, giving all proceeds to DOT. 

Thanks to her efforts, we are now only $77,000 away from our Kadapa Building Fund target. We’ll be hitting our target very soon we have a couple of birthday auctions every month. Let us know if you’d like to put your birthday in DOT’s calendar for 2014! :)