Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DOT's Garden of Joy

It's a joy to see the bright smiles that have begun to blossom on their faces,
The light in their eyes starting to show, regaining life,
Where previously it hovered behind veils
Of sadness, myriad disappointments,
Maybe simply the mundaneness of routine struggle
For life to get better.

It warms my heart to hear the happiness in her voice, the pride.
For having accomplished something she never thought she could have.
A text message that says, "I'm counting down the days!"
Anticipation for new and different experiences,
A newfound ability or talent,
Something fun to do
A new possibility, or many!

The stuff that makes life great –
Something to look forward to,
Something to be proud of,
Something that says, hey somebody cares!

Such is our loving labor,
Planting seeds,
Growing faith,
Building hope,
Sharing skills,
Shaping lives,
Harvesting smiles :)

(Inspired by Zaiton & Lyza. Thank you for letting me into your lives.)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sharing Blessings

So touched by the spirit of sharing among our beneficiaries. Even though they have so little, they are so willing to share what blessings and opportunities come their way. 

For our September candle-making workshop, I gave a paid assignment to 2 ladies referred by the family service centres we work with, to help clean out the glass jars donated by Xie Chun Trading.  

Dewi, the first lady we work with in Eunos,  introduced her neighbour Lyza for this assignment, and even though I intended for them to share the workload and the income, this is what Dewi shared with me:

"Carrie, its dewi. I want to inform u that lyza and her husband is doing all d bottle washing. They wanted more bottles before d delivery and they have much elder kids that enable to look after d younger ones so lyza and her husband r more free to do it.
I believed in everyone will have his or her own luck so I agreed of letting them to do it and just say that my kids r young n tend to fall sick easily. Hope u don't mind."

Amazed and touched by such generosity and heartened that our beneficiaries are looking out and caring for each other instead of fighting / competing for the jobs that come their way. 

I really hope DOT can grow and our sales can improve faster so that we can provide more income opportunities to these fantastic ladies. 

Meanwhile, experimenting and figuring out the recipe to make these all-natural beeswax aromatherapy candles so that we can train Dewi, Lyza and 10 other women  from Bukit Ho Swee Family Service Centre in September to make them. Not yet perfect but I'm getting there - ganbatte!! 

*Major thanks to Inez Chan from Elsevier,
who introduced her friend Andy Sng, who helped us carry 5kg of beeswax back from Shanghai for the workshop, which saved us some hefty shipping fees!