Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DOT's Garden of Joy

It's a joy to see the bright smiles that have begun to blossom on their faces,
The light in their eyes starting to show, regaining life,
Where previously it hovered behind veils
Of sadness, myriad disappointments,
Maybe simply the mundaneness of routine struggle
For life to get better.

It warms my heart to hear the happiness in her voice, the pride.
For having accomplished something she never thought she could have.
A text message that says, "I'm counting down the days!"
Anticipation for new and different experiences,
A newfound ability or talent,
Something fun to do
A new possibility, or many!

The stuff that makes life great –
Something to look forward to,
Something to be proud of,
Something that says, hey somebody cares!

Such is our loving labor,
Planting seeds,
Growing faith,
Building hope,
Sharing skills,
Shaping lives,
Harvesting smiles :)

(Inspired by Zaiton & Lyza. Thank you for letting me into your lives.)

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