Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Real Stories, Real Time (Part 2)

Production Trip to Lalitha Women’s Cooperative (at Aarti Home, Kadapa)
18 – 24 March 2012 

Day 2
We arrive at Aarti Home and Madam Sandhya is immediately ushered towards a woman in a green sari, with pain and apprehension on her face. On closer look, I notice that her entire arms, and the parts around her chest and neck which is visible from her sari, are horrendously scarred. They look like burn marks. 
I could not bear the look of helplessness on her face and was moved to go to her and tried to offer a hug, hoping a gentle physical touch from me would help to soothe her pain, all the while trying to keep my own tears from spilling.

Madam Sandhya gently took her to another room, and said she will speak alone with the woman. Later, she explained that she did not let me follow because she noticed my watering eyes and felt that I will not be able to withstand the story of the woman when she tells it, hence it’s better so as to prevent me from breaking down in tears in front of the poor woman. She had had kerosene poured on her and was burnt by her husband. The rest of her story, Madam Sandhya has yet to share. 

I am only glad that the woman survived and hope that she will be well-rehabilitated in a safe place by Aarti Home.

Meanwhile, I hold back my tears and focus myself on the task of checking the baby dress sample that Parveen has made, DOT’s first product in partnership with the women at Aarti Home.


     First production completion! Wages for the                                Final touches to our first reversible baby dress!
women handed to Pushpa, our Project Manager at 
             Lalitha Women's Cooperative

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