Friday, 18 January 2013

Use our natural soap!

Here's another reason to switch to using our natural soap instead of commercial soaps - all commercial skincare products contain chemicals which require testing, and these animals suffer from them :(
Stop L`Oreals animal testing, including on CATS AND DOGS

L`Oreal tests new ingrediants for products on animals such as cats,dogs and rabbits.The dogs and cats are mostly taken out of animal shelters to be used as test subjects. It is estimated in 2010 alone almost 2.5 million animals were tested in France.

Rabits are one of the most widely used animals by L`Oreal for eye irritation tests because they are the only animal that can not flush chemicals out of their eye (they don`t have tear ducts). Rabbits are strapped down and then chemicals are dropped into their eyes. Since the rabbits are not able to move they cannot get the chemicals out. The rabbit may be left for days like this, with their eyes constantly burning.

Poisoning takes place by forcing feeding a group of animals an ingrediant until half of the group dies.
Skin irratation tests take place by shaving and scaping an animals skin until it is super sensitive, then the particular chemical is applied to test skin while L’Oreal researchers make sure that the animal cannot scratch or remove the chemical.

These are only examples of a couple of the tests used by L`Oreal, there are many others that are just as horrible. These tests are on animals that are identical to your pets at home, they feel pain, are sad, scared, and just want to be loved. Could you ever imagine someone torturing your beloved pet like this? They all just want to be loved, so please help end animal testing.

L`Oreal claims it will stop testing in 2013, but this seems to be all talk. Our mission is to push L`Oreal to stop animal testing now. Sign this petition to pledge that you are disgusted that L`Oreal continues to test on animals, and that you will not buy any of their products until they make all their products cruelty free.

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