Thursday, 21 February 2013

DOT visits Aarti Home & Lalita's Women Cooperative

Aarti Home & School. The concrete box at the corner was built to provide shelter for babies left at the gate, so that they won't be exposed to the sun and rain.

DOT on the road...

Training class for DOT's cute animal purses. 

Most of the women and girls learning this craft are Muslims from 16 years old to 30s. 

Aunty Sandhya tells us these ladies are all married. When I interviewed them, some said they are not. 

Unmarried Muslim girls are not supposed to leave their houses unaccompanied, hence the cover story. And the only reason why the families of these girls allow them to come to Aarti Home for training is because they know that it's a safe place for women - a reputation Aunty Sandhya has spent the last 20 years to build within the community.

Card-making class with the children from Aarti Home. 

One of the talented ones - little artist in the making.

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