Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Journey, New Learnings with Hougang Care Centre

Today marks the beginning of a new experience and journey for us with Hougang Care Centre. Alice and I are excited, and also a little apprehensive, this being the first time we are working with a new type of beneficiary group. A little worried about whether we might say anything insensitive or wrong...

Many of us are not exposed to people who live with mental conditions, and it is also a new exposure for us.
Unknown to most members of the public, there is a group of people in Singapore who live tucked away in a tranquil corner of Buangkok area, an oasis where love and support is available to them for their rehabilitation, after they have gone through mental breakdown at some point in their lives. 

Hougang Care Centre is one of the mental health services of the Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS). Started in 2002, it has a residential capacity of 178 beds(50 for women and 128 for men) and a day care service for those who are living in the community. The Centre is based on the Clubhouse model of psycho-social rehabilitation. This model focuses on the strengths, interests and talents of the individuals. It offers opportunities for members to engage in meaningful activities that will help them develop confidence, life skills and social skills through their involvement in working side-by-side with staff and volunteers in their journey of recovery.

So here we are today to explore a working partnership with a few ladies from here, and have started them on a craft training session. Alice is teaching them to make a new product from Alice in DOT's World - a padded sunglasses pouch! 

Alice teaching cutting of fabric using drafted paper patterns. 

How and where you pin the paper makes a difference to ease of work! :)

A beneficiary lady getting some hands-on practice.

Check back here for more updates about the turn-out of this handicraft project! We hope to identify one or two promising members to enrol for employment with Alice in DOT's World, so that they can earn some extra income working with us!

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