Sunday, 7 September 2014

Indian NGO Gains Business Perspective

Loving it here in Kadapa -  finally we got the women working on proper tables instead of on the floor, and they've shown so much progress in managing production briefs, etc. Their English has improved and can now understand sewing instructions so much better.  

The local NGO - Aarti Home & Lalitha Women's Cooperative we work with has gradually gained a new business perpective over the past few years we've been working with them and are actively trying to get their own corporate gift orders locally to bring in sustainable revenue for the orphanage :) 

Here's a photo of Alice from Singapore training the women in a new product for Alice in DOT's World 

The biggest step is mindset change - having a progressive, sustainability-geared mindset will pave the way for plans, so we're really glad to have contributed to helping this organization gain that first footing. 

The next thing is resources. Yesterday afternoon, a storm blew up and the rains came in through this broken window at the sewing premises. The floor got wet. All the ladies gathered to move the materials away from the window. Power cuts are also still plaguing this remote town situated 6 hours from Hyderabad. We sure hope the corporate gifts business for Lalitha Cooperative picks up so that they can afford some new windows and a power generator! Or maybe some kind donors might show up? ;)

Super proud and happy with the ladies' progress -  on an individual skill level, as well as their mindsets! Even though I'm feeding mosquitoes here it's worth it!

Here are some pics of us with 2 girls at the orphanage - Peeru and Savitri who are apprentices and learning to make simple items like brooches :)

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