Sunday, 14 April 2013


Ladies, parents, note of caution.

Worldwide Korean pop sensation PSY has released his new song and MTV called "Gentleman" - which in my opinion is done in extremely bad taste. It's so bad it ain't funny. 

It may seem like "humor & fun" to watch the pranks in the video - but what it really is a display of degradation of others, especially women. 

Considering the scale of PSY's success and how Gangnam Style was so popular among people of all ages, even young children, who are especially susceptible to the images they see in popular media, the influence propagated by the music video is so bad, it makes me feel it necessary to release this alert to caution parents everywhere.

Whatever the lyrics of the song says (even if in the off chance it's using reverse psychology to preach gentlemanliness, I have no idea!), this was an extremely distasteful and irresponsible piece of entertainment creation. 

Fortunately, my 2 nieces, aged 7 and 3, could identify that Psy is a "naughty boy" when they watched the video, but it also horrified me that 3 year-old Kayla commented "can see her body!" when one of the scenes showed a young woman's scintillating back view in a gym. 

The scene went on to show Psy throwing his clothes in a very demeaning way to the lady while proceeding to impress her with his gym moves. Subsequently, the lady was portrayed as being mesmerized by him and followed him like an adoring pet!! 

Do share this with your friends who are parents, so that they can be mindful and aware of the messages received by their kids when they watch this music video. We can't do much to stop what children watch these days due to proliferation and accessibility of internet media, but we CAN and NEED TO intervene in time to guide their responses and thoughts towards such images.

What a horrifying thought if boys grew up thinking they could treat girls this way, and girls grew up thinking it's acceptable 

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