Monday, 24 June 2013

A Mother we are all proud to hear from

So disappointed... I just came inside from having a water balloon fight w/my daughter... While I was outside running around & laughing w/her, some woman walking by had the nerve to say to me - "Why would you come outside & show those disgusting marks to the world? You should be more considerate of others." (In reference to my stretch marks because I had my bikini top on) My first response was to be angry w/her for her ignorance... & trust me y'all, I could've responded w/numerous ugly things to say to her... But I instead decided to respond calmly - "I love every part of my body, every flaw, every imperfection, & every stretch mark. Simply because it represents my journey of becoming not only a woman, but a mother. Have a blessed day." 

I must say though, I am astonished w/the fact that she was so comfortable being so downright rude, not only to someone whom she knew nothing about - but to a fellow woman... We're supposed to empower each other, not try to knock each other down! 

I have never had any insecurities about my stretch marks. I find no reason to be ashamed of the fact that I acquired these during the time period of which I was growing another life inside of me; one of the most sacred, precious & challenging things a woman is capable of doing! My stretch marks are my badge of honor - my warrior wounds - my 'tiger stripes' - I earned each & every one of them in the 37 & 1/2 weeks I carried my beautiful daughter w/in me & I am THANKFUL for every single one of them because they remind me every day of my strength & all the amazing things that I as a woman, & a mother, am capable of! I am finally at a point in my life where I feel & believe that I am beautiful & I will be damned if anyone tries to tell me otherwise!


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