Thursday, 13 June 2013

Update from Vrindavan

The man who changed 500 years of history for the widows of Vrindavan - Dr Pathak! And yet, this amazing good deed is just a recent "side project" of his!

Dr Parthak has for the past 40 years been working on his chief mission - to liberate the untouchables of Indian society from the undignified labor of cleaning and carrying human excreta on their heads away for disposal. His sanitation system is amazing, catering for all budgets and using all kinds of local resources so very rural household can build it cheaply. 

It's been 40 years and a lot of progress has been made. Something like 1.2 million rural households now have Sulabh's toilet system through his work. 
52 million more have been built with government using this technology too. 

40 years and still going strong! Of continuing efforts educating the people about the same thing, and of restoring dignity to the discriminated people within society. 

If i ever feel tired or discouraged about the long road ahead for DOT's work, i need only remember Dr Parthak and his steadfastness to his single-minded mission. A great man and truly inspirational!

Widows of India given a new lease of life:

UPDATE: Trip concluded! Here's a pic of our volunteer photographer Nicky Loh in action on first days of the trip. 

Look out for beautiful and moving photos on India's women next March at DOT's photo exhibition for International Women's Day!

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