Friday, 7 June 2013

Starting DOT's office in Singapore - we need your help!

Dear friends,

Those of you familiar with the work I’ve been doing with Daughters Of Tomorrow would know that we started off working with women in rural India. As I got more involved in the social services sector, I also came to know more about a sector of women here at home in Singapore who are struggling to cope amidst various difficulties.

I just visited a lady, Madam Dewi from a low-income family with 4 young children living in a subsidized rental flat in Eunos, to discuss taking on some sewing work with DOT. She hasn't been able to hold down a stable job because with 4 children sometimes falling sick one after another, her absenteeism rate is quite high and her previous companies all couldn't accomodate these needs. Her husband earns only $1,400 a month which is barely enough for their family of 6.

She told me her eldest daughter needs to go for a tonsilitis surgery in July and she won't be available to work for a week then as she needs to take care of her. I offered the possibility of having one of our volunteer help with babysitting her 3 other kids during that time if she really needs help. She looked at me and said with gratitude "Why didn't I get to meet you earlier??? There were so many times before when I really needed some help and I couldn't get any."

I didn't know what to say, except that I'm glad to meet her now and it's never too late. She's got such a positive attitude amidst her difficulties, I can so see the makings of a leader in her, if only an understanding employer can provide her with the support to manage a job while juggling taking care of 4 children.

We are starting her off with home-based sewing work to make DOT's Five Stones Set, and I really hope in the next few months to be able to provide Madam Dewi with more paid work. Perhaps even employ her full-time to help with admin work when we have more financial resources.

What I shared is only one example of a lady in Singapore we are reaching out to. There are many more in situations similar to hers.

DOT will need inventory storage space very soon and an area for our women beneficiaries in Singapore to work together in a supportive environment. If you know anyone who would like to lend a hand to a good cause, I am trying to raise some funds to enable this.  

We would like to employ a core team in Singapore to work on producing new product samples, and then outsource the bulk production to our women's cooperative in India. In this way, DOT will be able to help both women locally and in India in a symbiotic manner.

Here's the link where you can pledge some $$ to help us set up this workspace. If it’s not within your means to do so currently, that’s perfectly ok too. It will be great if you can help us forward to link to others so more people can know and help.  

Many thanks, xx

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