Thursday, 20 December 2012

2012. The year of the strong women?

Dear Women and Daughters of Today, 

Beware of such media reporting and its unconscious effect on your mindset.

Our Founder's view:

"Enough of associating a woman's virtue and strength with silent suffering, and staying in unfair relationships. Women have been "conditioned" to think suffering silently is a virtue since the beginning of time, and now it's being lauded as a "strong woman" trait?? What b***s**t.

Whether a person chooses to stay or leave an unfaithful relationship is a matter of personal choice and not an indication of "strength" or weakness to be speculated and judged upon in the media.

Fellow women, are we under pressure to normalize the abnormal, accept the unacceptable, compromise our own well-being and rights to a fair and faithful relationship, because our society tells us that makes us a "good woman"? 

Consider the messages we are sending to our daughters by our decisions to stay in unfulfilling, abusive or unfaithful marriages. That it is right to suffer in silence? That their well-being must be subjugated to the "greater good" of the family? 

Let's challenge the "Sacrificial Woman" as the good woman ideal, and champion the Fulfilled Woman as the new ideal. If emotional, mental, and economic fulfillment is what we want our daughters to have for themselves, we need to start reaching for those ourselves today."

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