Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A precious conversation

One of our friends Bee Lian posted this today, and we thought it's something lovely to share with all high-strung working mums - a precious conversation with her daughter.

"Just when I thought I had a bad start at the beginning of the week... my 4yo daughter showed me otherwise. It was truly a moment of "enlightenment", for me to realise that the super fast-paced and busy work life that I've been living for the past year(s) had made me a servant to my neatly organised schedule that allows minimal leeway (or patience) for any deviation.

I have forgotten how to slow down, how to take a break when the opportunity or need arises... to spend more time with my loved ones and to appreciate the people and things around me! My daughter had reminded me today. 

Our conversations went like these...

Me : OMG, I can't find my car key, and daddy had left all our things in the car before he went off!
Shermaine : "It's ok mummy (she likes to say this), I will help you find." After some time, she was very apologetic and said "Mummy, I cannot think anymore... I just don't know where the key is." Poor gal had been sitting quietly on the sofa trying to crack her tiny brain over the whereabout of the missing key, while I searched the whole house.

Me :"Oh dear, I really can't find the car key. Now I can't go into office and I can't even work from home without my laptop! How am I gonna finish my work... (and I started complaining abt the loads of outstanding work)
Shermaine was listening to my complaints and said calmly "Call your lao ban (boss) and tell him you lost your car key and can't go to work. Your lao ban will not scold you if you tell him the reason. Also help me call my Zhang laoshi and Ms Belle and tell them Shermaine can't go to school today, ok?"

Me :"Ok, later we take a cab and I'll send you to ah ma's place"
Shermaine :"Mummy, we can take bus 99... it's very near."
Indeed, it's only 4 bus-stops away, and I did not think twice when I thought of the presumably most convenient mode of transport.

When we finally reached, Shermaine seemed happy and said "It's a lucky day today (what?!?!)... because I don't have to go to school and I can go to ah ma's place. Mummy, you will stay with me, right?" After I nodded my head, she beamed and said "I'm very happy today!"

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