Saturday, 29 December 2012

Remembrance Day for India gang-rape victim

Daughters Of Tomorrow makes 29th December of each year a Remembrance Day for this India's Daughter. 

From our Founder:

"Our deepest condolences to the victim and her family. Let not their suffering be in vain. The Indian government needs to address this. Let's not forget about this after media attention peters off. It is imperative that the pressure continues on the government to take concrete and long-term action to protect its women. 

Recruiting women into the police is a superficial gesture. I say, appoint a female police commissioner, or perhaps they need to accept an international team of consultants to babysit them to make sure their police and judicial system caters adequately for protection of women? 

I am anxious and outraged as an onlooker of such continued atrocities against our sisters. I would like to make this day a Remembrance Day every year, to remind our networks and community, and friends, to remind their friends in India - to evaluate their government's actions, to continue the demand for action and justice, until adequate change has been made in the country to make it safe for women. 

This agenda cannot be forgotten."

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